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WE want your Business ..we service all types of Homes and Business, Food Plants, large and small Apartments, offices .Our Technicians are Licensed and well trained
Simplifying Pest Control
"We stop'em"
by IPM (Intergreted Pest Management) instead of outer control usage of pesticide

Quality Pest Control 
Call other pest management company, then call us .... we have the best prices or we will make it fit your pest control budget: Call 773-789-2719 ( All with no long term contract)

KIA Pest Control is In The Neighborhood Of Homes and Businesses

How is Pest Control being Managed?
Closing on a new or used home? 

Consider having a Pest Management Inspection prior to Moving into your new home or apartment, did you know that it has been reported that Bed Bugs can live up to 2-years without feeding? Hmmm!
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We Welcome all Realtors and Management Companys

Who is getting a ride to your next move ?

Relax .. KIA Pest Control we got it ... "we stop'em"

IPM is  the solution

 Any and all of these pest can invade your Home or Business
  1. Bed Bugs
    Bed Bugs
    Want to know if you have BED BUGS? call us we will find them where ever they HIDE
  2. Pest Control
    Pest Control
    Our Technicians are Licensed and well trained in Pest Management
  3. These little beautiful animals can be a real pest to your home are business, ..if allowed to get out of control ... most municipal health department will close your business.
  4. Pest Management
    Pest Management
    You will need to have a pest management program to keep your environment pest free.
KIA Pest Control
      Things to consider:
  • KIA is licensed in Illinois and Indiana
  • All Technicians are Licensed
  • Quick response including Weekends/night and Holidays
  • Call Us at: 773-789-2719
  • Local areas: Sauk Village,Lynwood,Lansing,Crete,Matteson,Park Forest,Ricthon Park,University Park,Homewood,Dyer Indiana, and more.
  • No long term contracts
  • We offer discounts to: Family Owned Business, Veterans,Persons with Disabilities,Realtors,Management Company,Multi-locations customers,Teachers,Police Officers and single parents .. call for more details 773-789-2719
  • Why choose KIA?, We have a strong commitment to the IPM concept (intergrated pest management) instead of out of control uses of pesticides.

We are a family owned company, small but doing great things in Pest Management in the Chicagoland and West, North Southern areas also Northern Indiana, we are asking you to give us an opportunity to detail a Pest Management program for your home or business, what we do sets us apart from the competition.

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KIA Pest control "we stop'em"